Thunderhead Episcopal Center, which functions as the most significant Diocesan ministry to children, youth, and young adults in South Dakota, would not be possible without the generous support of the many people who have given their money, time, thought, and energy. Financial donations are of course an incredibly important part of ensuring that this ministry continues to run and thrive, but they are not the only option for supporting this vital ministry. In fact, because it is not feasible nor a good use of diocesan resources to maintain a full-time, year-round maintenance staff on TEC grounds, it is absolutely essential to the continuance and well-being of this ministry that individuals and church groups volunteer their time to help maintain, repair, and develop the property and facilities at Thunderhead Episcopal Center. 

So, whether you are interested in giving a gift that is more personal or specific than a monetary donation, you are interested in giving your time as an individual, or you want to help coordinate group volunteer activity, you can find more information on how to make that desire a reality here on this page. 


We recognize that many people are more than willing to provide a monetary investment in the ministry TEC provides, but they want to give something more personal and concrete than just a funds transfer. While there are many aspects of camping ministry that can only be accomplished through monetary donations, such as funding staff salaries and programming expenses (monetary donations can be made through a link on the main TEC website), there are also a number of physical items, such as tools, storage, and craft supplies, that ensure that TEC ministers most effectively. Rather than guessing what may be needed and worrying that your gift will be underutilized, here is a selection of items that can be purchased on Amazon (or at a local store) and shipped to the Diocesan Offices for use at TEC. Below is a link to the TEC Amazon wish-list. Please send items, or have them shipped, to: 

Thunderhead Episcopal Center Gifts
c/o The Diocese of South Dakota
408 N. Jefferson Ave.
Pierre, SD, 57501-2626

Annual work weekend

Every summer before the start of the regular camp season, there is the opportunity for people from around the Diocese to come to Thunderhead Episcopal Center to help with necessary maintenance, cleaning, and construction needed to prepare the facilities and grounds for use. The next work weekend will be June 1-3, 2018. Please fill out the form below to register for the upcoming Work Weekend, or contact the Rev. Portia Corbin .

Other Service Opportunities

Work Weekend is a wonderful opportunity for helping to ensure the smooth operation of the ministry at TEC. However, Work Weekend alone is not enough to ensure that TEC facilities and grounds are prepared for the camping season. For instance, it is necessary to have groups, often coming for individual service days, to do routine cleaning and maintenance, such as cleaning the kitchen and living areas of camp, before even Work Weekend can occur. If you would like to volunteer either as an individual or would like to put together a group (from a congregation, ECW, deanery, etc.), submit the form below to the Missioner for Camping and Retreat Ministries, the Rev. Portia Corbin, to see if and where your gifts and talents can be put to use.