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Successful 2018 Summer Seminary Registration!

Your registration fee covers the entire cost of the week, including your accommodations, food, and incidentals for the teachers. Summer Seminary accommodations are provided by Thunderhead Episcopal Center and they have two rooming options. You can opt to stay in a cabin or in Supertent. Supertent rooms are extremely limited (only 6 available) and will be provided on a first come, first serve basis. A cabin costs $150 and a Supertent room costs $200. You may pay this registration online with a credit or debit card or by mailing a check or cash to the Diocesan office. If you plan to commute, you will still need to be present for all meals and activities, so there will still be a $50 cost. 

NOTE: The cost is the same whether you are attending only Summer Seminary or both Summer Seminary and the Catechist Orientation.

If you would like to send your registration fee to the Diocesan Office, please send the proper amount, along with your name and what weekends you have registered for, to this address: 

Niobrara School for Ministry Registration
c/o the Diocese of South Dakota
408 N Jefferson Ave
Pierre, SD 57501-2626

If you would like to pay your registration fee online with a credit or debit card, you may use the following link to do so. Please select the type of room you will want and place it in your "shopping cart." In order to finalize your payment, you will need to click on the shopping cart logo in the top right hand part of your screen to check out. 


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