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Diocesan Budget


Chapter of Calvary Cathedral Budget

The Chapter of Calvary Cathedral is the holding corporation of all properties utilized by The Diocese of South Dakota. The Chapter of Calvary Cathedral also owns title to the vehicles the Diocese uses as well as all diocesan endowments.

Because of that, all property expenses are budgeted through here, and monies withdrawn from the endowments for diocesan budget support is reflected in this budget.

The Chapter of Calvary Cathedral has nothing to do with Calvary Cathedral parish.


Bishop’s Compensation

Salary: $80,000.00*

Utilities (paid by Diocese): $5,000.00

Residence** provided (value for pension): $25,500.00 

Total compensation for pension: $110,500.00

*This compensation package represents a substantial increase from our current bishop’s compensation package to be more competitive with other bishops’ salaries, and we thank Bishop Tarrant for his years of missionary service.

**The residence has five bedrooms and 3 ½ baths. It has a two-car, heated garage. It is in a residential neighborhood just two miles from the Diocesan office with a walking/bike path between the two. The office is located across from T.F. Riggs High School, one block from the Oahe Family YMCA, Pierre’s Rawlins Municipal Library, and in sight of the State Capital.

The Bishop’s Residence

The Bishop’s Residence

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Bishop’s Benefits

Pension: $19,890.00

Insurance (family plan): $29,196.00

Employee share 15%: -$4,379.00

Total benefits: $44,707.00

Total package: $155,207.00