The Beginning of the End is the End of the Beginning

The work of the Search/Nominating Committee is nearing its end. But that only means that it’s the beginning of much work for others.

Since our last report, the Search/Nominating Committee has spent many hours conducting video interviews with applicants and nominees to determine who the Holy Spirit is raising up to be invited to a Discernment Retreat. As we’ve previously reported, certain aspects of the process must remain confidential in order to retain the dignity of the process and to protect those candidates who are still in discernment and may not yet have revealed to their congregations that they are considering the possibility of moving forward with us. The numbers of those attending the retreat and its location are also held in confidence in order to allay in presumptions about ‘how many’ is a good number or not. Different people have different ideas about what is good and what is not. We can report that we have been faithful to the process and that the Holy Spirit has not failed us in providing incredibly gifted applicants.

Background checks have been conducted on those who have moved farther along in the process. The Search/Nominating Committee has divided up the work among themselves in doing reference checks and a company that specializes in background checks for bishop searches in the Episcopal Church has been employed.

The Discernment Retreat is taking place from February 3 – 7. The Search/Nominating Committee would ask that you hold us and our participants in your prayers during that week. The retreat is designed to allow us to go deeper with the applicants. Though we’ve now visited with them by video at least twice, spending a week in prayer together will be a blessing to our discernment and that of the applicants.

On February 16th, the Search/Nominating Committee will meet with the Standing Committee and make their final recommendation as to those who should be included on the final slate for the entire diocese to consider. Once the Standing Committee gives approval for the slate, the nominees will be announced with short biographies of each candidate provided for everyone to see.

At that time, the work of the Search/Nominating Committee will be completed as the Standing Committee continues to oversee the process and guide the Transition Committee through its responsibilities.

The work of the Search/Nominating Committee has been long and arduous, but it has been filled with countless blessings. The committee has grown together as the Body of Christ and although we will miss working with each other, it’s safe to say that everyone will be happy to pass the baton to the Transition Committee. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and look forward to sharing with everyone in the diocese the fruit of our labor.