The Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of South Dakota is an organization of lay  women committed to one another and called to be a witness of Christ. We meet twice a year. In the spring we gather for fellowship, Christian formation and to plan for the Annual Fall meeting which is held in connection with the Diocesan Convention. The recipients of outreach funds is on an a three-year rotating schedule between the Diocese/State, the Episcopal Church, and the worldwide Anglican Communion. We also award scholarships to Episcopal women of all ages who are furthering their education.

ECW Board  

Vicky Sweet
Vice President/Altar Guild
2910 Stockade Dr
Rapid City, SD 57702

Irene Rondell
PO Box 416
Waubay, SD 57273

Diana Regan
1701 Moon Meadows Dr.
Apt 127
Rapid City, SD 57701

Lisa Kautz
3612 W St Patrick St. Apt. 5   
Rapid City, SD 57702

United Thank Offering (UTO) Grants

UTO Grant Applications will be available December 1 at the UTO page of the Episcopal Church.

ECW Honored Woman
Jean Lacher


Home church:  St. Paul’s, Brookings

Contributions to the Episcopal Church and Episcopal Church Women:

Too numerous to recall them all, but some of the major ones follow.

  • General Convention Deputy

  • Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota Standing Committee

  • Thunderhead Episcopal Center board—numerous terms throughout the camp’s history

  • Active member of St. Paul’s, Brookings

  • Diocesan Convention facilitator and organizer

I trust the first two positions are self-explanatory.  In reverse order, here are a few details about the last three aspects.

I don’t know that the “Diocesan Convention Facilitator is an official title.  I do know that Jean has worked behind the scenes for years to help set up, run, and clean up our annual Diocesan conventions.  She showed up early and helped get the beautiful quilts hung around the meeting hall.  She helped the diocesan staff keep meetings running smoothly by making sure copies and supplies were available, sometimes on short notice.  And she stayed late, making sure the quilts were taken down with care, stored away for the next year or delivered to the proper recipients if they had been purchased or gifted.


As an active member of St. Paul’s, Brookings, Jean has sewn curtains and other needed church articles.  She sings in (and sometimes leads) the choir and helps keep the church building and property looking fresh and inviting.  A faithful and enthusiastic Episcopalian.  Jean promotes St. Paul’s and the Episcopal Church throughout the Brookings community, the state, and nationally.  She gives generously of her time, talents, and treasure to the United Thank Offering, Niobrara Convocation, Thunderhead Episcopal Center, her parish, and the Diocese.

Personally I came to know Jean’s dynamic efforts through our work together for Thunderhead Episcopal Center (TEC).  Not only did Jean head up our board during much of my tenure, she also provided years of records from her past service to the camp.  Jean and I worked side by side to clean up Supertent one spring after water damage from a burst pipe.  Not only did we deal with water damage but also dust, and debris from the subsequent reconstruction work.  She is efficient, tireless, cheerful, and devoted worker.

Jean knows the Episcopal Church in and out, loves it dearly, and serves it well, mostly behind the scenes and without acclaim.  She is a dedicated worker in all levels from the nitty-gritty-roll-up-your sleeves to the long haul slog that is often committee work.  She is an advocate for our church, our women, and our youth.  It is time to recognize and honor her dedication and good works by making her our South Dakota Honored Woman for 2019.


Send your offerings for the Annual Special Project, your annual membership dues of $4.00 per Episcopal women in your congregation, scholarship donations, memorials, and any other gifts (except UTO and CPC) directly to our treasurer:

Lisa Kautz
3612 W St Patrick St. Apt. 5   
Rapid City, SD 57702

UTO and CPC offerings are to be sent directly to the Bishops office:

The Diocese of South Dakota
c/o  Kelly Parker
408 N. Jefferson Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501


Below you can find the necessary documents and forms for the ECW's scholarships.


Scholarship support or other memorials gifts can be sent to:

Sandy Magnavito
255 Texas Street #232
Rapid City, SD 57701