Every time that we affirm our faith in the words of the Nicene Creed, we acknowledge a belief in the Church as "one, holy, catholic, and apostolic." At the same time, it can often be difficult to perceive this unity that we proclaim when the concrete reality is that the Church is fractured into hundreds of separate, and sometimes hostile, groups and denominations. Attempting to live into the unity of the Church that we proclaim as one of our core beliefs, the Episcopal Church is committed to working together with other denominations with the hope of discovering common ground in belief, practice, and purpose while gaining a greater respect for the legitimate differences between us. Below are some of the ecumenical organizations and denominations with whom the larger Episcopal Church or the Episcopal Church in South Dakota has relationships.


Ecumenical Work in the Episcopal Church 

Ecumenical and Interreligious work in the larger Episcopal Church

A list of the Episcopal Church's full communion partners

The World Council of Churches


The evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

Website for the larger ELCA

The South Dakota Synod (regional body similar to a diocese) of the ELCA

The Episcopal Church's resources related to our full communion agreement with the ELCA

Moravian Logo.png

The Moravian Church
(Northern and Southern PROVINCES)

Website for the Moravian Church of North America

The Episcopal Church's resources related to our full communion agreement with the Moravian Church


Other Church Partnerships

Below are Churches that are not in full communion with the Episcopal Church, but with whom we have other formal relationships or with whom we work closely in the Diocese of South Dakota. 

cross and flame umc.png

The United Methodist Church

The website for the United Methodist Church

The Dakotas Conference of the United Methodist Church

Make Us One with ChristA study guide for the interim Eucharistic sharing agreement between the UMC and the Episcopal Church

Facebook page for the Episcopal-United Methodist Dialogue


The United Church of CHrist (UCC)

Website for the United Church of Christ

The United Church of Christ in South Dakota