The Right Reverend John Tarrant

Bishop, Diocese of South Dakota

email: jtarrant@episcopalchurchsd.org 
(bishop.diocese@midconetwork.com in use until 12/2017)

Randy Barnhardt

Diocesan Administrator

email: randy@episcopalchurchsd.org
(randy.diocese@midconetwork.com in use until 12/2017) 

Marlys Fratzke

Administrative Assistant

email: office@episcopalchurchsd.org
(office.diocese@midconetwork.com in use until 12/2017)


The Reverend Canon David Hussey

email: david@episcopalchurchsd.org
(canondavid.diocese@midconetwork.com in use until 12/2017)


The Venerable Paul Sneve


email: paul@episcopalchurchsd.org
(paul.diocese@midconetwork.com in use until 12/2017)

The Reverend Portia Corbin

MISSIONER FOR camping and retreat ministries

email: portia@episcopalchurchsd.org


Dr. Christopher Corbin

Missioner for Transition and Leadership Ministries

email: chris@episcopalchurchsd.org


The Reverend Tim Fountain

Missioner for Support; Safeguarding God's Children Coordinator

email: tim@episcopalchurchsd.org

Pat LeBeau

Missioner for Property

email: pat.lebeau4@gmail.com


Diocesan Office

408 North Jefferson Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-2626
United States