2019 TEC Counselor Application


General Information

Below you will find information for how to fill out an application to serve as a counselor at TEC for the 2019 camping season. If you have an additional questions, please contact the Rev. Portia Corbin, Missioner for Camping and Retreat Ministries.

Hiring for program staff positions will take place until all positions are filled. If you are serious about working at TEC this year, it is to your advantage to complete the application in a timely manner.



All young adults working as counselors at Thunderhead Episcopal Center are expected to:

Be at camp for the entire season, arriving no later than 9:00 AM on Tuesday, June 4th through noon on Sunday, July 21st. (There will be a break from July 1st – July 8th in which you are free to leave camp);

Follow all diocesan Policies and Procedures, including those related to drug and alcohol use (you can find these Policies and Procedures here)

Live in intentional, supportive, Christian community with the other camp counselors;

Supervise campers at all times, except for times-off designated by the camp director, and maintain a positive presence among campers;

Help plan and oversee all camp activities, as well as lead small group discussions;

Keep the camp clean and organized, assisting with maintenance and various chores when needed;

Ensure that TEC is a safe, caring, and friendly place for everyone;

Attend Niobrara Convocation on the Santee Reservation from June 27th through noon on June 30th;

Be willing to learn and grow through self reflection and guided conversations with the camp director.



All program staff will receive $3,000 gross income for the entire camp season.


2019 Schedule

June 4-8             Staff Training

June 9-15            9th/10th Grade Camp

June 16-22          11th/12th Grade Camp

June 27-30          Niobrara Convocation on Santee

July 1-July 8      Staff Break

July 10-13           5th/6th Grade Camp

July 14-20           7th/8th Grade Camp

July 20-21           Closing Staff Retreat