Dear Clergy Sisters and Brothers,

May the peace of Christ be with all of you!

I am delighted to be able to share with you information which pertains to our upcoming2019 Clergy Conference. This year, we will be meeting at TrinityChurch, 408 North JeffersonDrive, in Pierre. We will begin our time together at 1:00PM on Thursday, September 26th, and will end by 4:15 PM so people may check into their hotels and relax. Dinner willbe provided at Trinity at 6:00 PM. We will then re-gather at 9:00 AM the next day and will be with each other until 11:00 AM.

The theme of this year's conference will be the telling of our storiesto another. In a nutshell, when people ask us what we do, and we say that we' re an Episcopal deacon or priest, that's usually where the conversation comes to a screaming halt. The person might say, "Oh, that's nice"and move on to another subject. After this year's clergy conference, we want you to leavewithastorythatwillcaptureboththeattentionandtheimaginationofthepersonthatyou are speaking with!

The Rev. Shaneequa Brokenleg will be our facilitator and will help guide us through the process of crafting a story around using storyprompts. Rev. Shaneequa is very gifted in the areaof digital storytelling, and I am grateful for her willingness to share her talents with us! She will also be in touch with a few of our clergy colleagues, asking them to facilitate our small group conversations on Friday. I am also thankful to Fr. Chris Corbin and to Mother Portia Corbin for their advice,counsel and work as this idea began to be formed into what this year's Clergy Conference will be.

A schedule for our time together is enclosed. I hope that all of you will be able to be present, and I am looking forward to seeing you on September 26th!


The Rev. Dr. Jonathan H. Folts


Thursday, September 26th

1:00 PM Opening Prayer/Ice Breaker

1:30 PM Bishop-Elect's Time/Diocesan Matters

2:15 PM Story-telling Presentation

3:45 PM Elevator Speeches

4:00 PM Story-circle introduction/Ground-work for Friday laid

4:15 PM Closing Prayer

6:00 PM Dinner

Friday, September 27th

9:00 AM Opening Prayer

9:15 AM Story Circles

10:45 AM Where do we go from here?

11:00 AM Closing Prayer