Spring 2017 Message

I hope you are having a blessed Easter Season. It is the time of year that the Church celebrates the resurrection of our Lord Jesus and the power of God to even overcome death. It is the time of year we are reminded that we should not underestimate God’s ability to transform everything, even death.

I can imagine that after Jesus left from appearing to the disciples the evening of that ‘first day of the week’, when they were in a lock room, they probably thought, “oh gosh (or something like that), if God can raise the dead what does God have in store for us?” Belief in the resurrection would take away all excuses, because if God is powerful enough to give us life after death, then certainly God can empower us to live our lives as bearers of God’s hope during this earthly journey. Mary of Magdala, Peter,

James, John, and many, many more would discover the transformative power of God to change their lives.

That same transformative power is available to us, that is our resurrection faith. God’s power working in us can overcome our addictions, despairs, bigotries, ‘self-indulgent appetites and ways.” The power of Jesus’ resurrection can bring us to truly repent (change the direction of our lives) from all of those actions that we acknowledged in the “Litany of Penitence” we prayed on Ash Wednesday (BCP p. 267ff.). It is worth reading that litany again to remind us of those parts of our life that God seeks to transform.

The early disciples marked the experience of the Resurrection with fear and trembling. Women, men, fishermen, tax collectors, Pharisees, Roman soldiers and people from all walks of life would be brought back to a life grounded in hope, in God’s vision for God’s world. Millions over the centuries have been reminded that to live in the light of the Resurrection is to die daily to self that we might more fully live in the joy of God’s hope for the world.

May this Easter Season and each season that follows bring you closer to becoming the person God desires you to be.

The Lord has indeed Risen!