Resolutions to Diocesan Convention

All Resolutions to Diocesan Convention are to be submitted in writing to the Committee on Resolu-tions through the Diocesan Office. They should be clearly typed. The committee requests that resolu-tions do not begin with “whereas” but simply state the resolution, followed by the explanation and rationale. The “whereas” is not part of the resolu-tion. This format for resolutions allows for greater clarity as to what the resolution is attempting to communicate.


Resolutions should take the following form. 

Submitted by (name of individual, church, or deanery).

RESOLVED, that the One Hundred Thirty-third Convention of the Diocese of South Dakota (state the resolution).

RESOLVED (Further resolves may also be stated).

Explanation:  (This is where informative material and rationale for the resolution is inserted. It is used in place of “whereas”)  

Impact on Budget: (This is where an estimate of costs is placed and suggestions for funding)

***The deadline for submitting resolutions generated before the pre-Convention deanery meeting is one week before those meetings and the deadline for submitting resolutions generated at pre-Convention deanery meetings is no later than the Friday following those meetings.   

According to Rules of Order, Rule number 6.1

No proposed resolution may be submitted for consideration after the close of the first plenary session. All proposed resolutions shall be referred to a Convention committee by the Chair, in consultation with the Dis-patch of Business Committee. Such reference may be appealed in the same manner as a procedural decision of the chair.

There must be an opportunity for a hearing on any resolution, other than a courtesy resolution, before it will be brought before the whole body of the convention.