Niobrara School for Ministry

by Bishop John Tarrant


The ‘Ministry Weekend’ courses and ‘Summer Seminary’ are affordable continuing education opportunities for lay and clergy in our Diocese. The courses are expected to be attended by those in the ordination process, but are also intended to be educational opportunities for all. The canons of the Episcopal Church call upon all clergy to participate each year in continuing education. These offerings can meet that requirement.

This year’s Summer Seminary is about “Liturgy Practicum”. This is an opportunity to explore deeper our Episcopal liturgical traditions which are at the heart of who we are as a faith community. We are a people of “common prayer.” The three Episcopal congregations in Rapid City will be hosting different sessions during the week.

I encourage clergy, lay leader and especially those who participate in leading worship to attend. Scholarship help is available for those who have financial need. You don’t need to be ordained or in the ordination process to attend Summer Seminary. Please, consider being part of this learning opportunity.

Bishop John