Niobrara School for Ministry

Niobrara School for Ministry offers courses that supplement the local ordination curriculum, provide continuing education, and give valuable training and experience for licensed lay ministers. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Here is the schedule for 2017. You may register for any Niobrara School for Ministry Event here on the website. 

These courses are open to any person interested in enhancing their ministry.

They are required for persons in the local ordination process, unless excused.

Fees (except for Summer Seminary) are $15/day.

Questions? Contact Chris Corbin (605) 881-8153 or




Summer Seminary: Liturgy Practicum

May 21-25, 2017

*Note we are not at TEC this year. Summer Seminary will be held at various locations in Rapid City

This year’s Summer Seminary will approach the various ways in which Christian worship is facilitated, and it will focus not only on the principle services found in the Book of Common Prayer, but also the different ways in which these services are actually acted out, meaning the timing and movements that are part of these services.

These sessions will take place at multiple worship locations in and around Rapid City so that it is possible to see how the worship space helps to inform what style is best utilized. The primary services that will be looked at are: morning and evening prayer, baptism, funerals, the Eucharist, and ordinations.

This year, participants will be staying at Terra Sancta retreat center. An accurate count will be necessary to ensure enough housing, and the cost of Summer Seminary will vary depending upon what type of room you would like ($150 for a shared bathroom and $200 for a private bathroom).

Enrichment Weekend: Self Care/ Community Care (Rescheduled)

August 18 & 19, 2017

Christian leaders are expected to act as servants for the communities they serve, and this often leads to the mistaken sense that they should sacrifice their own personal well-being for the sake of their people. However, not only does completely neglecting personal well-being mean losing sight of the Image of God that is within us all, it also actually makes these leaders less effective servants in the long-term and can harm the communities they serve by setting an unhelpful example of living healthy lives.

This weekend will approach the task of self care through the lens of its importance as a tool for helping improve the health of the communities in which we find ourselves serving.