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Greetings to All,

Easter offers a unique opportunity for all South Dakota Episcopalian’s to think outside our own church or chapel and really try to learn more; such as:

1) What is the difference between a parish and a mission church?

2) Name the city or cities that have the most Episcopal churches?

3) There are nine Indian reservations in South Dakota. Can you name the mission churches and chapels on each reservation?

4) Do these congregations receive the sacrament of Holy Communion once, twice, three, or four times each month?

5) How many clergy serve all the reservations?

6) Approximately how many miles does our Bishop John travel per year to visit his flock?

Perhaps we cannot gather all the answers during this Easter season, or maybe this will make us thirst for more information about our fellow Episcopalians, in this great and unique state of South Dakota. Let us prayerfully make an effort to learn and digest a small amount of knowledge each day about our cultures.


In God’s Love,
Lois Howe
Emmanuel Church
Rapid City

Does your Parish or Mission need new prayer books?

It is probably a rare thing to be told that your parish might be eligible for a gift – a gift that is actually useful and which is backed up by a promise that has been kept since 1833.

It was in that year Bishop William White founded the Prayer Book Society which today bears his name.

Through the years the Bishop White Prayer Book Society has made possible the provision of Prayer Books and Hymnals (and their supplements) to parishes and missions that could not afford them.

Our website has more information about the application process.

Can we be of help to your parish?
The Rev. Mark Ainsworth,
Corresponding Secretary

Disaster Relief

Help, we’ve had a tornado, our river/stream or creek has flooded…. what do we do now, where do we go for help, how can we fix this????

The Episcopal church is trying to complete their Asset Mapping project. This project is designed to give individual churches and their members information on projects they would like to start or help with issues they are having with a current project.

Please go to this video link. Watch and find out how simple it is to fill out the Asset map.

By filling out this map we hope to make more information easily accessible to people. Information such as

How do I contact my county or tribal Emergency Response Manager?

Where and who are my nearest Red Cross contacts?

What is my churches plan if a tornado would strike in my community?

OR maybe you would like to start a soup kitchen in your community? Or a community garden, What about a community recycling collection center.

Where would you need to start? Does my project require more volunteers and money than we have available? Maybe someone has already started a project like this in a small community, in another state. Or maybe you didn’t know another church here in SD has started a similar project already. How did they start their program? What have they learned? What would they do differently? Can I help someone start a project? Would my experience help others? Let’s help build the asset map and lets see all the good we can achieve throughout the Diocese.