2017 Diocesan Convention Positions Open

Diocesan Convention will be held September 29 & 30, 2017 at the Ramkota Hotel in Pierre.

It is the usual course of business for delegates to vote on nominees to fill various positions. This year the following positions will be open for a 4 year term:

Standing Committee—1 lay person

Standing Committee—1 clergy (priest or deacon)

Convention Representative to the Diocesan Council

Convention Representative is a person elected by the body of the Convention, who will attend Diocesan Council meetings giving voice, vote and representation on behalf of the convention

Standing Committee

With a Bishop in charge of the Diocese, the Standing Committee shall be the Bishop’s Council of Advice. When the Diocese is without a Bishop…the Standing Committee of the diocese shall be the Ecclesiastical Authority as provided by the General Convention Constitution and Canons. The Standing Committee also plays a part in the ordination process and deals with certain property issues.

The Standing Committee consists of eight members, and election shall be made by the diocesan convention for a term of four years. Members are entitled to election for two terms. The Standing Committee meets 3-4 times a year, or as needed.

A member of Standing Committee is a voting delegate to Annual Convention. A member of Standing Commit-tee is also a member of the Title IV Ecclesiastical Disciplinary Board.

The nomination form is posted on the diocesan website by clicking this link.