The BCU (Brotherhood of Christian Unity) and TEC (Thunderhead Episcopal Center) can use your help.

This year marks 25years that BCU has been going to camp for the work weekend. The Rosebud branch started going in 1992 with 20 plus workers, mostly our women and even our priest. Fr. Spruhan, accompanied us and helped paint tables and benches.

This group of dedicated workers has dwindled to about a half dozen, due to loss of loved ones who are now in heaven. The group from Rosebud donated not only time, labor, mileage and food for the weekend. They also have given star quilts for the rooms in Super tent, and AC units for the cabins all while enjoying our beautiful camp and fellowship with other BCU members from across the state, who came to help.

The interiors now all have been insulated and OSB installed on the walls, which will allow use of the cabins later in the fall. Now the heaters can keep the temperature comfortable in these cabins.

We still have the exteriors to repair. This includes replacing broken, curled lumber, staining and installing eaves and vents. We need people to donate money to purchase stain, screws and lumber. We also need younger, healthier bodies to help with this manual labor. Three of our core work group are in their 70’s while 3 are in their 60’s.

The weekend of June 2-4, we will be painting the church, working the exterior of the cabins, anderecting a shed to house the backhoe along with other equipment.

This is a time when you can give back to the children of our Diocese. They come from all over the state to experience God and the beauty of the Black Hills. Please don’t just talk about helping the youth– put your money where our kids pray and play. This is tax deductible, we are a 501c3.

Respectfully Pat LeBeau