Men's Bible Study meets weekly at Bagel Boy in Sioux Falls

By Dean Ward Simpson

In the spring of 2016 Tony Taylor and Dean Ward Simpson gathered over a cup of coffee to talk about what they wanted in their spiritual lives. Recently retired from full time work, Tony expressed a strong interest in gathering a men's bible study group. Together they decided to start out small and work by personal invitation. About a month later a group of five or six came together at a local restaurant over breakfast and thus began Calvary's Men's Bible Study.

Since then the group has slowly increased in size. They gather at 7:30 every Thursday morning
at Bagel Boy on Minnesota Ave. in Sioux Falls. Each week they spend the first 20 to 30 minutes in social conversation, catching up with one another and solving the world's problems. They then begin their time in Scripture with the Gathering Prayer used at Tiospaye
Wakan. They then have one person read a passage of scripture aloud. Typically this will be a
half chapter to a chapter in length. They then wrestle through the text together, sharing what
they see, what strikes them, or what questions they have of the text. Somewhere around 8:20
they close that conversation and share their prayer concerns with one another.

One member of the group will then sum up the prayer concerns and give thanks to God for the gathering and the time closes with the Lord's Prayer.

"I was surprised by how easy it was to get this started, though I probably shouldn't have been,"
said Father Simpson. "Literally all it took was inviting a few people and encouraging them to
invite others." The group continues to grow. 

Today there are a dozen who attend regularly including members from Good Shepherd Episcopal Church as well as Calvary Cathedral. It requires almost no organization other then the group agreeing which book of the bible they are going to work through next.

Tony provides the group with copies of that week's scripture and some bring their own Bibles.
Tony also sends out an email reminder each week. After covering a number of the shorter Epistles, the group has now started to work their way through the Gospel According to

If you are in Sioux Falls on a Thursday morning, join us at Bagel Boy on Minnesota Ave.
near 33rd Street around 7:30. Everyone is welcome. Or, better yet, invite a couple of your
friends to join you and start a Bible Study Group in your community.