The Rev. Cordelia Red Owl has officially retired after serving the Diocese and Pine Ridge Mission faithfully the past 16 years. Thank you Mother Cordelia for your dedication, for loving us and teaching us.

Clergy: New Additions and changes to our Diocesan family:

The Rev. Christina O’Hara is now the full time rector at Church of the Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls.

The Rev. Hal Weidman and his wife Michelle from Atlanta, Georgia are now at St. Andrew’s, Rapid City.

The Rev. Tim Fountain started as our Missioner of Support. Tim has developed the Diocese Facebook page and will maintain that site besides coordinating the Safeguarding God’s Children program. If you have something you would like posted on the Facebook page or have questions regarding Safeguarding God’s Children, please email

Pat LeBeau began January 1, 2017 as the Diocesan Missioner for Property. If you have any questions regarding improvements or repairs needed at your church please email

Does your Parish or Mission need new prayer books?

It is probably a rare thing to be told that your parish might be eligible for a gift – a gift that is actually useful and which is backed up by a promise that has been kept since 1833.

It was in that year Bishop William White founded the Prayer Book Society which today bears
his name.

Through the years the Bishop White Prayer Book Society has made possible the provision of Prayer Books and Hymnals (and their supplements) to parishes and missions that could
not afford them.

Our website has more information about the application process.

Can we be of help to your parish?
The Rev. Mark Ainsworth,
Corresponding Secretary