Parochial Reports: Need to be in by Wednesday March 1st

I.6.1 of the Constitutions & Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, otherwise known as The Episcopal Church, states: A report of every Parish and other Congregation of this Church shall be prepared annually for the year ending December 31 preceding, in the form authorized……and shall be filed not later than March 1 with the Bishop of the Diocese…..In every Parish and other Congregation the preparation and filing of this report shall be the joint duty of the Rector or Member of the Clergy in charge thereof and the lay leadership . . . This is the Parochial Report.

  • The forms will be mailed out during the first week in December, directly from NY to the church’s or priest’s address.
  • Online filing will begin January 2, 2017.
  • If you file online, mail a signed copy of the completed form to the Diocesan Office.
  • If you don’t want to file online, mail the completed form to the Diocesan Office and we’ll file it for you.
  • In either case, keep a copy for your congregation’s records.
  • DEADLINE is MARCH 1, 2017.

Complete the form and file it early!