Church News: November/December 2016

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Convention Wrap-up

By Marlys Fratzke

Another Diocesan Convention is wrapped up and put away. And I can say, I survived my first solo Convention, greatly in part to the support

of those of you that have been down this path many more times than I. Convention could not be accomplished with out the work of many people helping to make it run smoothly. This is not a one-man show by any means and I would like to say Thank you to everyone that continues to help me learn the ropes.


We had 140 Eligible Laity of which 92 registered.

We had 69 eligible Clergy of which 40 registered.


Rosebud East hosted the Clergy Conference. The Conference started Thursday evening with a wonderful Indian Taco supper and concluded Friday noon with the “It’s Great to be an Episcopalian Picnic.


On Saturday, we elected The Rev. Dr. Lauren Stanley of the Rosebud West Mission to fill the clergy position on Standing Committee. Joan Sutton of Rapid City was elected to fill the lay position. We also elected our representatives to the 2018 General Convention in Austin, TX. Our representatives will be The Rev. Kim Fonder, The Very Rev. Ward Simpson, The Rev. Chris Roussell and The Rev. Dr. Lauren Stanley. Our clergy alternate is The Rev. Annie Henninger. The Lay Delegates are Donald Metcalf, Twilla Two Bulls, Tamara Fonder, Richard Thompson Jr. Our Lay Alternate is John Red Bear.


We had two this year. You may read them in detail on page 6 and page 7. The Rev. Margaret Watson from the Cheyenne River Mission constructed a resolution regarding Bullying. The Rev. Dr. Lauren Stanley from the Rosebud Mission West constructed a resolution supporting the protestors on the Standing Rock Reservation protecting our Missouri River clean water rights.


The room echoed with hymns and Amens during the Convention Eucharist, our guest preacher, The Rev. Chris Roussell of Emmanuel Rapid City, sermon had us asking ourselves, Have you ever wanted MORE? More of anything? More money? More time? More coffee and dessert? More parishioners? More volunteers…sorry Deacon Virginia, ‘more disciples’ to run our programs? More space?


This year we had four interesting workshops. Gladys Hawk held a workshop on Dakota Prayers & Hymns Translations. Another workshop was presented by Fr. Larry Ort continuing our work with Creation Care. Please contact Chuck Berry from St. Paul’s, Brookings if you do not already receive the Creation Care newsletter this will give you ideas on how to continue this project throughout year. This year The Rev. Christina O’Hara presented a workshop on an Adult Study group entitled “Pilgrim: A Course for the Christian Journey.” And rounding out our workshop leaders our very own Archdeacon Paul Sneve led a group regarding ABCD, which stands for Asset, Based, Community, Development.

Quilt Auction for Thunderhead:

Our quilt raffle this year was to help support Thunderhead Camp.

Bishop’s Address:

The Bishop’s Address to Convention, given Saturday and is found beginning on page 2. Lunch and workshops followed, and then everyone was sent off in peace and with prayers for safe travel.


 The Rev. Charlie Chan passed along the thanks of the Sisseton Mission to all who purchased honey and salt. There is still honey left, so if anyone wants some, send a request to him at: 

716  7th Ave W, Sisseton, SD 57262-1248.