Bullying Prevention


There are a number of steps that we can take to create a culture that is free from bullying. Psychologist Dr. Philip Lazarus suggests the following 10 policies and practices to help stomp out the problem of bullying:

1. Establish a clear anti-bullying policy with enforceable rules and sanctions and consistently intervene when bullying takes place.

2. Develop an anti-bullying committee.

3. Conduct an anonymous survey to find out whether folks are being bullied and where, when and how often it takes place to better address specific needs.

4. Institute an anti-bullying pledge that requires all persons to make a commitment to help stop bullying from taking place.

5. Provide comprehensive training to all to help them understand, identify and intervene in bullying cases.

6. Create safer environments.

7. Offer multiple methods of reporting bullying, both in person and anonymously.

8. Work with folks who are vulnerable to bullying to offer support and advice on how to protect themselves.

9. Reach out to those who may become bullies to help them find other ways to address the issues or needs that lead them to bullying.

10. Adopt a structured bullying prevention program, such as the Virtus program, to provide knowledge and resources.