Around the Diocese

 Fr. George Parmeter led the workshop at St. John the Baptist, Browns Valley, while Sisseton Mission celebrated St. Bozo the Clown Festival on 7/23.

All Saints Episcopal Church of rural Herrick was pleased to have Bishop John Tarrant and family at our church on July 24th. The Bishop was so kind as to consecrate a parcel of land to be included in our cemetery. This came about as the result of the Native American Advocacy Program (NAAP) youth doing some research and talking to community elders about the unmarked grave outside of the cemetery belonging to George Bear who died in 1902. After visiting with Bishop John it was decided to move the fence and include Mr. Bear’s grave. A small grant was received by the NAAP and their camp youth, with supervision, did the fencing. The story was told about the demise of George Bear, consecration services were held and the NAAP camp drum group sang some songs and had prayer for Mr. Bear.

The Native American Advocacy Program, with Director Marla Bull Bear organized this event and hosted the dinner following the services. The weather was beautiful for the service and we thank Bishop John for coming and the NAAP for hosting. The weather was very cooperative and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning for the service